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A New Way with Conscious Discipline®
"The sooner children become aware of the emotion, the better their odds of putting a tiny pause between feeling the emotion and the impulsive action it might elicit."

     ~ Dr. Becky Bailey
            Developer of 
            Conscious Discipline®
Family happiness is our focus
Whether it's family at home, school or the work place, feeling safe, connected and ready don't happen by mistake. It takes conscious effort. For some people that comes easy. For others like me it takes a little more practice and, yes, even do-overs!

At A New Way with Conscious Discipline®, I really care about the products and services offered. Each one has made a significant difference in my life or my client's lives. All workshops, coaching sessions, and materials are based on the brilliant work of Dr. Becky Bailey and Conscious Discipline®.

Conscious Discipline® is a comprehensive social-emotional and classroom management program that uses everyday life events to teach children and adults self-control, conflict resolution, character development and social skills. 

Conscious Discipline® has been specifically designed to make changes in the lives of adults first. 
The adults, in turn, change the lives of children.